Camping at Katherine Abby Hanna park…and great friends


Hey y’all! Its been a minute since you’ve gotten an update. I’m trying to figure out how to make this blogging thing happen.  I just have so many ideas and things I want to say and show, but am always a little nervous about over sharing something that’s not my place to share (such as husband’s business, kids’ stuff and friends’ stories).

Over the past few moths we’ve had so much fun and have made some great memories. We have a lot brewing too for the next few months and will definitely share that exciting news as soon as everything falls into place. Continue reading

Mom’s shelf-ie

My mom is awesome…she drives me batty, but I love her and she would do anything for me at anytime. So, as a little “thank you”, I wanted to do something nice for her.

She’s recently remodeled her bathroom, and it looks great. However, she’s not that much of a decorator (I’m not either, so don’t get ahead of yourself).  After her remodeling, there was a big blank space on the wall above her commode that was screaming for filler. Instead of slapping a painting or photo up there, I wanted her to have something a little more functional. Continue reading

Royal Camera

I have a camera; it’s been broken for-ev-a! One day it just stopped working.  I don’t know of any traumatic experience my poor camera had, but it wouldn’t take a picture.  I tried taking it to a local camera shop, but they wouldn’t even look at it.  I tried to send it to Canon, but they wanted $200 just to evaluate whether or not it could be repaired.  So, my poor Canon has just sat in my closet for almost two years….just sitting, idle, not doing what it was made to do….which is give me pictures of my beautiful children, in case you were wondering.🙂 Continue reading